Truthslinger: [trooth-sling-er] (empowered by the Holy Spirit).
1.One who slings the true or actual state of a matter.
2.One who conforms with fact or reality.
3.One who explains a indisputable fact.
4.One who lives in the state or character of being true.
5. Actuality or actual existence spoken, written, or some other way described with power.
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Light came, and went unnoticed… No, it was felt, but there were those who would not look upon it…

Light came down, that all might share in its splendor, coming out of the dark, and finding rest under the Light’s branches…

     but men found the cloak of darkness reassuring, for they knew its touch, its own comforts, and they knew its face – for it was their own…

          so clinging to the known and familiar, man sheltered in the dark, seeking not the Light, nor wanting to hear its call…

Yet, the Light came regardless, knowing man’s heart was steeped in the dark desires of its own pleasures… the Light came, so that the disguise of comfort, given by dark’s soft touch upon man’s shoulders, might be revealed as the chains it truly is…

Light came down to give Truth, to give Life, and to instill itself in all that would but have faith… that man would be released from its bondage, and walk freely in the Light…

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let us start at the beginning friend
let us acknowledge who God is… the Creator and Author of ALL

though let us also ponder more, for He is three in one, holding a living community, existing at all time, for all time, having always been… yet a giving god 

     not needing, nor wanting anything, neither lonely or looking for escape 

yet He gave life through creation, creating all that we know and all that we know not of

designing the intricate mechanics that we all take for granted, and some even believe they “just are”, with no credence nor any acknowledgment to He who did it

     so He made it not for pandering or vain glory

     but because He chose to, and even more because opHe made, then too He lived out who He is by Giving more!

He went on to make suns, and worlds, and heavens, and oceans, and mountains, and creatures both great and small…

yet He stopped not there, He went on to shape a small perfect place for yet another creation… Man

     and here too He revealed Himself again as a giving god … giving Man His very likeness, giving Man a purpose, and by giving Man unity with Him

     though Man would break that unity, disregard its purpose, and mar the image of its creator that was upon its own visage with disobedience and out right filth

     God still gave, and gave abundantly

Dolling out forgiveness, protection, long life, and still gave of His presence, walking among the people He had given so much to, and who would still deny Him further…

The Creator, did not toss it all away nor did He abandon It to its own devices

no, He remained just who He was/is and Gave More

promising salvation, limiting evil, sending guides and even kings… all given freely unto His creation, that it might be brought back into unity with Him once more

Giving Man, time, He gave Man more and more time, He gives Man more time even now… calling out to them, offering to Give Man more that Man could ever want…

     not simply forgiveness alone, not only the life abundant, not just peace and security, not stopping at providing Himself as guide and comforter, but giving even more than that…

Giving Man the chance to choose its eternity, one back in complete unity with Him, it’s creator, an eternity in the light of His Glory… or one were He is not, a pit of darkness and utter despair 

     He who gives so much to those who who forsake Him, yet giving He remains…

Giving His very self, giving up for a time His grandeur, taking up the likeness of Man, that He might then give up His life, so there might be made clear a way for Man to enter eternal life…

Giving motion to your bones, giving sunlight to your day, giving inspiration to innovation, giving the twinkle to the stars, and giving us His word that we might know Him…

at any point He could stop, at any point He has the authority, the right to end His giving

     yet He gives more abundantly than we know… lavishing His love upon all creation, revealing Himself in every turn of the globe, and in every sweet smile there ever was…
All praises to the Almighty, and thanks to a Giving God!

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Who is it that one can trust? But the one named Faithful & True!

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prayer.of.a.wonderer::Led by the Good Shepherd 

Father, reveal unto me Your will, Your desires, Your love

though Your Light shines down

Covering my path

Showing the way

Calling to attention what is Right & what is Wrong 

i wonder… of into the night

Remind me of Your peace

Send me Your word

Correct me, Comfort me, Call out to me

with prowling dangers all about…

with the world’s cacophony drowning you out…

with floods of worries and cares threatening to overwhelm…

i seek you

 With Your Staff guiding me, and lifting me away from harm

With Your Rod protecting me from beast and man alike

With You standing in the gap, between what i can do, and what You ask of me…

let me not wonder far, let me stay close to You

Open my eyes, that I might see Your light

Open my ears, that I might hear Your voice

and let my life be truly Yours

thank You, O’Lord, amen


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what is it that calls us to be more, to be better than we are now?
what is it that holds us back, that keeps us from advancing in truth?
how long will we reach for something greater than ourselves, yet without seeking something greater than ourselves?

how long will we strive for peace, acceptance, security, and love; yet never seeking the one who can hold them all perfectly?
for we work, we toil, we strain… to live under the law, all to make ourself better, to be seen as good…

for we dwell on our faults, as we also dwell on our gifts… all to pile worry upon our minds, and fill our heads with pride…
is it all for not?

or is it energy put to the wrong task?
rid your self of destruction, cast your wants aside, seek not your own benefit above all…

acknowledge what it is that calls you to greater things, and acknowledge that you can never do anything of worth yourself…
give up self, lay aside your pride, and seeking that which is greater and higher than your loftiest goals…

seek the one who can teach you how, how to have all that which you have tried in vain to garner for yourself…
stop trying harder, and fall upon the grace that is offered you…

stop believing in your self, and believe in Him…
trust in God to care for you, and to change you, seeking only your good…

trust in God who died that you might have life, seeking to give you Joy…
all this in truth give yourself up to God


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For He is risen, He is risen indeed …

this is why we can set our hope upon our own resurrection 

this is why we are assured in our faith to enter into His rest

this is why we can Rise…

This is True beyond measure, that the Son of Man died on a tree

   that the Lamb of God was sacrificed on our behalf 

   that our Lord and Savior took upon Himself, our transgressions against Him

but we are promised more than this, more that forgiveness alone…

We are promised eternal life, We are promised power beyond ourselves, We are promised to Go and do greater things than He

So, This is also True beyond measure, that Jesus of Nazareth rose on the third day

   that the King of Kings overpowered the grave, and conquered death itself 

   That He who is called Faithful and True came into His glory that He might share it with us

but praise and honor be unto God it did not end there either…

We were promised a comforter, a guide, a spirit of power … and were given even more !

We are bathed in the Spirit of God, made Living Temples unto the Living God, having been given access to the unfathomable mind of the Father…

That we might RISE up and Raise His standard before the World that seeks to destroy us

   to Rise to the occasion through Faith, giving one’s self over to the Will of our Lord

   to live Risen, full of Life, no longer dead in you sin, but cast off from the old flesh of condemnation 

Thus given a purpose, purposed to Live for Him, having exchanged your life for His, freely given and received through faith, You live in His place, to continue His good works in this Age…

“It is Finished” you are set at His right arm, you are clothed in His righteousness, you are Blessed beyond what you know

So, march on, Good and Faithful servant, grow and blossom into maturity, producing Fruit … all that the World may know :: Who Sent You !

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Enrobed & Embattled

 Wrapped in the righteousness of God, Enfolded in His arms, and Lifted up upon His wings … we travel on … down the path set before us, called to growth, and empowered to growGiven what is not earned, Gifted with life, Grafted unto the family of the most high

   not upon this path alone, yet surrounded by a host of witnesses, yet given brothers and sisters beyond measure, and more so … Indwelled with the very Spirit of our God

Given access to weapons beyond our knowledge and beyond our ability, Given access to defenses unattainable by man’s own mind, and unattainable on our own …

   dawning His armor, His sword … we march on into the night, into the gloom…

      shinning with His splendor, reflecting His light… covered by His love, enshrouded by His grace, clothed in His righteousness, and called to a Great purpose

To live as one surrendered unto the will of God, not living for ourselves, for forfeit is our old self, for we presently rest our Identity in Jesus Christ…

   working to continue His good work/deeds/message in this Age, firmly standing upon the Rock, drinking deeply of the Eternal Spring, and ever moving forward onto the Perfection He has called us too in the end

      Thus, carry on the good fight my brethren, grow in Him, so He may grow in you… for what is before us is no easy battle, won with our words or our strong arm alone

         But a battle that none can stand against, except He who is called Faithful and True… ride with Him and Victory is assured, and He calls all His armsmen to the battle, that they might become seasoned, and able to raise up those that will lead the charge on the morrow… 

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Be:labored and Maturing

  1. Set with a task and with a purpose, rejoicing in what God has done for us and in us, rejoicing what God has accomplished in and through others…
  2. Willing to endure, strain and strife, suffering and persecution, willing to take what may come, all for the magnification of the one whom called us out, and to bring truth before the blind and deaf, to encourage the faithful and bring them into greater maturity in Christ…
  3. Then caring for all, and with a passion to see them know God, and for them to know their identity in God… Teaching with integrity, teaching in discipline and teaching in purity, sending them out into the world that they too might grow others into maturity…

Done not in our own power, neither through intellect nor determination, but only through the working power and enlightenment of the Spirit, may this be done, may any work and labor in truth, and unto maturity, be done but in Christ Alone…


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Path unto Maturity

Staying spiritually fit, to meet what Christ has called us too…

  •   Presenting everyone fully matured in Christ
  •   Teaching in wisdom and power and faith, that He has established in us.

Grounded by love, the love of the one who sent us, who called us out into His service…

Rooted in the Word, strengthened by The Spirit, and cleansed by His blood…
Finding the meat of the Word more and more appealing, yearning for more of Christ, and desiring less of self…

Being full on the milk of the Gospel, ready and willing to be mature, no longer content to sit at the feet of Christ alone, but ready to see the active workings of God upon one’s life… ready to bear fruit, as one well established upon the vine
With this certain hope set before us, looking back at the miracle of change He has worked upon our lives

  Yet looking forward as well, motivated by the love instilled in us, as we dip deeply from the font the ever flows

      and looking presently with opened eyes, with opened ears, and having been given a new heart… We submit ourselves before our Lord, partaking of His fullness, and what He has for us
Seeking His all and all, in everything… in the morning greeting the dawn with joy, standing tall upon the Rock as we face the world, finding Him right there, waiting to lift us up, in our weakness and in our pain, reaching out your hand for guidance in the tumult that is the World , and then as the day dims you meet Him yet again to give Him thanks for the close of another day, resting easy upon His promises… His grace… and His gentle mercies
This way is narrow, this way is not your way, this path unto maturity is only found in the one who holds the keys, the one who has the authority to Judge, the one who has all authority, and it is He who calls you to this path, it is He who lights the path, for it is He that made us Alive and able to take these steps upon this road…

As we embrace the fulness of God, the fulness of our faith, and the fulness of our purpose… we find the Peace that comes with the presence of God, in us and in our lives, finding our identity in Christ…
   and knowing that while here, in His service, the path will never end, always will there be More of Him, to know, to embrace, to see, and to live out. for we are perfected upon this path, growing in our maturity, and growing in our likeness to our Lord and King… Who is the perfector of our Faith!  

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