O your servant is a wondering

O your servant is in the night

He wonders in the shadows

No longer in the light


He calls out in desperation

He calls out in fright

He longs to be in the meadow

He longs to be in the light


But he wonders here in shadow

He wonders in the night


So send your truth your light


Because your servant he wonders

He wonders in the night

He is lost and lonely, he is tiered of the fight

He is caught up in the shadows of the night

Where doubt and fear are,

wondering not far from sight


O call your servant near you

O call him out of the night

Send your bright and sure light

For its stronger then the shadows of the night


Come O Lord come to him in the night

Come O Lord come and seek him

Save him from his fright


He seeks to find you, he seeks the light

But he’s caught up in the darkness

He has lost his sure light

And his heart is very heavy, his heart seeks the night

What can he do but call you, call you in the night

And seek your strong assurances

Seek the promised light


O call him into the day, so full of light

O call him back to the meadow, so near so bright

Send your angels to defend him

Send your truth, your light

Cast out the daemons, cast out the night


For he seeks to see you

He seeks the light

And he knows your power, he knows your might

Find, find, find him

In the darkest night

Find, find, find him

He is lost in the night


Give him power, show him your might

For he calls on your promises,

he calls out in the night

from out of the shadows, from out of the night

you call, call, call him

by name, to the light


O your servant is wondering

Your servant needs your light

And he seeks your name the shines to bright

For it cast out all fear, it cast out his plight

For even in the darkest shadow, in the darkest night

All evil will flee you, all evil flees the light


And your servant knows this

Your servant seeks the right

So call, call, call him back into to your light

Though he knows you are always

Always near, and is sight

He has lost his vision of you, here in the night


So heal his eyes, so he may see the light

And heal his heart, from this dire night

Cast out the doubt, cast it all out

Cast out the spirits of shadow, the spirits of the night


He will stand and await the light

For he knows your just, and always do right

He awaits your calling, he awaits the light

He stands, stands tall on your promises

He stands upon your might

for he is nothing without you

he is nothing here in the night


For you are Holy, you are just and right

For you are the only one who can fight this fight


So you servants asks for you to humble him

He asks for the light

Come now and seek him, and call him to the light

Breathe life back into him

Fill him full of light

Change him, and mold him

Subdue his heart tonight


He awaits to kneeling, here in the night

He awaits you Lord, he awaits you God

Lord Jesus he calls to you, to end his fright

And knows, he knows only you have the might

To seek, to seek him, there in the night

Caught up in the shadows, caught up in the night

Seeking resolution, seeking your might


O come quickly, O come swiftly with your light

And rescue your servant, lost and wondering in the night

This is my prayer, and only this is your right

To write my wrongs with your strong and sure light

To drag it into the meadow and banish it with your truth, your light

For I will sing, sing your praises even here in the night

And I will sing, sing this my heart song until is see the light


For I know you are with me, here in the night

And I know you do not wish for me to

To Wonder in the shadows

To wonder in the night

Your spirit it calls me it calls me to your light

He whispers in my heart, He whispers to my soul

Of your redeeming power, of your power to cleanse the soul


Washed away now are the sins and spoil

Washed away now is the doubt and fear

Only you remain now, this is what is clear

For I seek you in the meadow, I seek you in the light

Having made me new now, and brought me back to the light

So I sing of your majesty, I sing of your light

And I sing to all the nations

I sing out to the night


O how I tell it of its very sure plight

O how I tell it its days are numbered there in the night

For you are coming, you are coming sure and strong

You ride the clouds now

not far from sight

And you will banish the shadow and the night

No longer will it trouble us, it will no longer be in sight

For you will be are sun, our light

And in it we will dwell forever, there in your light


So come now, come quickly, and shine your bright light

O your song is never ending, your song is only light

And how I long for there to be no longer night

But I will await you, knowing you are near

And I will sing your song whenever is do fear

And I will sing, O how I will sing

When finally I see you, see you as my king


But till then just mold me, and shape me not as I am

But as what you would have for me

And as your demand

For I am yours, no longer am I mine

For I am yours, to command and supply

Your strength it fills me

Your strength is divine

Non can stand before you, so I stand behind

Your word, your power, your truth, your light

And here I will remain, here by your side

Till death comes and takes me

Till death I will reside

Here on the earth, here by your side


And when your call home, when I die

You will cloth me pure white

You will be there by my side

And your will tell the Father, that I am your bride

And he will usher me into your arms

And there forever I will be in the light

That shines so lovely, so bright


This is my journey, this is your right

To call us out of darkness, and into your light

I only wish to serve you, I only wish to be found in your sight

Wondering no more, walking in the light

Down the path of the righteous

Down the path of light

Seeking others there, lost in the night

Calling on your power, calling on your might

To fill me with the waters that flow full of life

To be your humble vessel, to spread your light

And only reflect what is truth, what is right

For this is pledge, for this I lay down my life

To take up your cause, to take up what’s right

And to be found among the brethren

To be found in the light

To serve hole heartily, to serve you in the night

To go where you call me, to go with your light


And here is my resolution, to serve you Lord

I am not perfect, nor am I worthy Lord

But I will serve how I can, and in your power Lord

I can do what you have called me to

I can do all things in you Lord


Though this verse does end my song, my praises never end

Knowing you are near me is all I need, I confess

And knowing your promises are for my best

I seek to do your Will, I seek to do my best

And now I will seek you, will seek you for my Rest

Peace be upon me, and peace be upon thee

On that I lay my rest.


About truthslinger

I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.
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