Truth or Fiction

the mind through which it Floweth:Truth, be Pure unto Purity; Fiction, be Refuse sullying the pure

To have your mind overfloweth, with Truth & Knowlege of Yahweh

with eddies and consistency, that bares down upon your “life”

wearing away the bulwarks of the Heart, the strongholds of Self; and dislodging the dams we have built to hold uncomfortable Revelations back

for if our Chains, Fallen

our Flesh, gone and rotting

our Desires, given over to the Spirit

we should pine ache for it, Truth/Light/Love/Peace

making: the mind our gateway

the eye the guard

the ear Keen and Compationate

the “Body” the Temple Mount

Let Truth Flow, pouring into life, Purity more than seeping but surging: Changing our mind > our heart > our Soul

Refined by drowning and setting adrift our cares and worries in this World for the Work of that which has come and will be forever…



About truthslinger

I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.
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