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Here are the most fiercely debated and held Truths: death & taxes …
Death, certain and ever closer, the acknowledgement of ones finite being held an inch from its end …

Taxes, the wages of our citizenship, freely or begrudgingly given, yet the acknowledgement of one’s need for something greater than themselves …
What writes and defines one’s beliefs, what brings the strife between one man and another, what but the simple issue of Pride … It is thus: one has Truth and the other is blinded by Lies … It is when one is ruled by Hope and the other lives in Fear …

Pride, the state of being proud in one’s self – in one’s own worth – in one’s own right to choose for one’s self … who then has pride? who then has the capacity to judge the views of another? … Man being caught up in one’s self, can only see Self … and knows it to be an unfathomable source of darkness, and then Man finds itself longing for Judgement … but from where

 one having Humility, Meekness, and Patience, is where you find truth, and with them you may find the One who can Judge …
Why does Man cling to religion? You could also then ask, why does Man seek truth?

Why does Man live in fear? You could also then ask, why does Man believe in lies?

It is the acknowledgement of one’s own finite being that draws Man to seek something beyond themselves ( for Man, knows Self, and finds no Hope there ) … Yet it is also in this compulsion that truth can be found, that Man is not finite, but an immortal being that bears the mark of the Devine. It is this compulsion that propels us with creativity toward knowledge and understanding … and who would know more than the created, but He who Created everything?

It is the acknowledgement of one’s own need of relief from this state of Self Loathing that draws Man to freely pay it all, to see the wages of one’s Pride before a Holy creator that brings us to repentance before the one Who has paid it all.

The wages of this life of defiance Paid in Full … yes by the very one to whom you owed, and could never even pay down a fraction of the principal … Yet, even thus, your life, hour by hour, is taken as sufficient taxation, because of the lavishness of God’s Grace …
The politics of it all is Man vs. God, and while Man is right that religiosity is misplaced, this by no measure gives him the right to disregard the merit of seeking to know Truth; then also who is Man to find fault in their Creator?

the Truth is, Man has laid upon a bed of lies so long that the comfort of our blindness against the brilliance of God’s radiant presence has lulled us to sleep, so even as our world crumbles around us, and seen through the gentle care we take to not see, turning these crumbs over and over into small precious facets of ourselves … while also defending, with rash vindictiveness, every subtle breach of our borders … guarding our every move with flashing teeth, all the while cleaving our tail between our knees, as we clang loud symbols as to not hear the Truth we have longed for, yet know will Cut us dearly … revealing the bed we have made, the ashes we cling too, the sabers rattle and yet have no real faith in their keenness …

Therefore the Hope we have is that there Is meaning to “it all”, that Man is not here for simply a “blink of an eye” but rests upon the Eternal … yet then the fear comes with this fact too, fear of what comes next, fear of knowing the evil that resides within the heart of Man, and knowing how we would judge such evil… But our Hope does not reside in only us, nor in our eternality… But it firmly Stands upon the permanence of God, He who Created, He who is Light, He who is Life, He who Judges Rightly … 

from where else would you seek knowledge?

to whom else would you give your life?

where else would you cast your lot?

under what governance would you rather fall?  

     under one that seeks to control and bind unto death eternal?

     under one that seeks to free and seal one with the reward of life?
For it is certain that this age will pass, and that your body will fail

For it is certain that your investments in this world will bear fruit, sweet or bitter

While I know many other certainties, it falls upon each of us make the choice between what we have experienced and what lays hidden beyond our understanding, whether we can believe in something beyond ourselves or if we can only rely upon our own flesh, this choice of faith and trust… nary a purer yet more conflicted choice there ever was… but to choose between Self and God

Yet, I say what could be more clear or important than this significantly simple event…

You must now choose:

Choose your single slice of existence and the knowledge you have been able to cobble together during your brief years on this plane, where you know you don’t know everything and where you can’t even trust your own memory… as real and the only thing you can believe in.


Choose to seek after the unknowable, that which is beyond us, truth at its core; to choose to give up upon what is in front of your face for what is unseen; to choose even the possibility of real peace, love, and justice; to make the decision that you are not god, but there is a God, and that He created your reality out of the want to know you; to choose to believe in a power that can forgive your vilest acts, and bring light to the darkest places in your heart
Both choices lead to death, and both lead to taxes… it is what dies, and to who you find yourself beholden too… that allows others to see what your choice has been

Make the easiest choice you will ever have before you, and leads to the hardest life you could live… but what is more fulfilling? the victory over a challenge, or the emptiness found in ease…


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I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.
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