we who are, and those who have gone before, and even those who are yet to be

stand as Created beings … pulled from the dust, molded for a purpose, and given the semblance of the Creator
So on what do we rest our rights upon, So how can we claim that anything is ours, So where do we find our own worthiness… ?

But upon being created by God, who is all that is Good, and by knowing that we hold within us the very fingerprints of our creator… making us image bearers of God

To which then we have been gifted with rights, privileges, and responsibilities, that both can connect us to our creator as well as separate us from Him…
a right to choose, a choice given, a decision made not by faith… but through either the acknowledgement of who God is and then our relationship to Him, or the open rebellion we wage upon the Truths evident in us

the privilege to both commune with God, one on one, (having the ability to be a living temple) and to serve God through submission to a His will in this world (having the ability to be a living sacrifice)

the responsibility then to fulfill His commands: honoring only Him, living in peace with with all creation, treating all other men with the same respect to which you would give unto yourself
now, as created ones, ask: unto whom do you choose to give thanks too? unto whom do you choose to glorify? unto who do you look to, hour by hour, to care for you, to give you breath, to move the mountains in your life, unto whom do you give thanks for the rising of the sun… ?
So, we who are created, having a creator, seek Him who is above all, and find Him there waiting to great you, walk with you, and to call you Home into eternity…


About truthslinger

I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.
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