First and Measureless

Sent and shown in Sacrifice

Found in Truth, never Hidden

Gentle and Strong as a mountain

Pure and with No guile

Jealous for what is His, and Passionate in His care

Patient and yet Active

Never failing, and ever Rejoicing

Surpassing all earthly Knowledge and yet there for you to Know
God’s LOVE is this

that He sent His word into the world through His prophets

   that people might know Him, and have a glimpse of His mind

     yet the world Killed them, and soon forgot His words

that He did mighty works in the world, in/through/with His people

   that they might see His power, and know the worth He sees in them

     yet the world saw only what they wanted, and thought His people strange

that He sent warning to the earth of its coming doom

   that those upon its face might turn to Him, that they might experience a His love

     yet still they do not hear, nor do they heed, and neither do they believe in their doom
  So then He came down into this world, lowering Himself to be as man, born of woman

     that He might live as a man, with man, and under both His own law as well as man’s law

        that He might both prove His righteousness, and that He might then be shown to be the only pure sacrifice

            yet man did not see, not even those set to watch for the signs, no the world did not recognize its King

He came, to fulfill the Law, to complete promises made, and to teach those who would follow after Him

   that He would make right what man made wrong, and so open the door to reconciliation 

     that He would bear the lash, the humiliation, the scorn of His own people, and that He would die in pain also, in mans place, to take on the Wrath laid aside for the fallen

       yet even then some would deny Him, and even more some would believe, and more so generations would be forgiven

this is His love, that in our place He took upon Himself all our darkness… and in His light washed us clean

   that we might know Him truly, and that He would give us Life

     that we might live under His love, in His love, and show His love to the unloved

       yet we cannot see His full love, nor can we feel it, unless we Seek Him who Loved us first, and find Him waiting right there beside us calling out our name
This is His love, that He loved us first, wholly and truly, that we might have the capacity to love Him back


About truthslinger

I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.
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