Enrobed & Embattled

 Wrapped in the righteousness of God, Enfolded in His arms, and Lifted up upon His wings … we travel on … down the path set before us, called to growth, and empowered to growGiven what is not earned, Gifted with life, Grafted unto the family of the most high

   not upon this path alone, yet surrounded by a host of witnesses, yet given brothers and sisters beyond measure, and more so … Indwelled with the very Spirit of our God

Given access to weapons beyond our knowledge and beyond our ability, Given access to defenses unattainable by man’s own mind, and unattainable on our own …

   dawning His armor, His sword … we march on into the night, into the gloom…

      shinning with His splendor, reflecting His light… covered by His love, enshrouded by His grace, clothed in His righteousness, and called to a Great purpose

To live as one surrendered unto the will of God, not living for ourselves, for forfeit is our old self, for we presently rest our Identity in Jesus Christ…

   working to continue His good work/deeds/message in this Age, firmly standing upon the Rock, drinking deeply of the Eternal Spring, and ever moving forward onto the Perfection He has called us too in the end

      Thus, carry on the good fight my brethren, grow in Him, so He may grow in you… for what is before us is no easy battle, won with our words or our strong arm alone

         But a battle that none can stand against, except He who is called Faithful and True… ride with Him and Victory is assured, and He calls all His armsmen to the battle, that they might become seasoned, and able to raise up those that will lead the charge on the morrow… 


About truthslinger

I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.
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