For He is risen, He is risen indeed …

this is why we can set our hope upon our own resurrection 

this is why we are assured in our faith to enter into His rest

this is why we can Rise…

This is True beyond measure, that the Son of Man died on a tree

   that the Lamb of God was sacrificed on our behalf 

   that our Lord and Savior took upon Himself, our transgressions against Him

but we are promised more than this, more that forgiveness alone…

We are promised eternal life, We are promised power beyond ourselves, We are promised to Go and do greater things than He

So, This is also True beyond measure, that Jesus of Nazareth rose on the third day

   that the King of Kings overpowered the grave, and conquered death itself 

   That He who is called Faithful and True came into His glory that He might share it with us

but praise and honor be unto God it did not end there either…

We were promised a comforter, a guide, a spirit of power … and were given even more !

We are bathed in the Spirit of God, made Living Temples unto the Living God, having been given access to the unfathomable mind of the Father…

That we might RISE up and Raise His standard before the World that seeks to destroy us

   to Rise to the occasion through Faith, giving one’s self over to the Will of our Lord

   to live Risen, full of Life, no longer dead in you sin, but cast off from the old flesh of condemnation 

Thus given a purpose, purposed to Live for Him, having exchanged your life for His, freely given and received through faith, You live in His place, to continue His good works in this Age…

“It is Finished” you are set at His right arm, you are clothed in His righteousness, you are Blessed beyond what you know

So, march on, Good and Faithful servant, grow and blossom into maturity, producing Fruit … all that the World may know :: Who Sent You !


About truthslinger

I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.
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