let us start at the beginning friend
let us acknowledge who God is… the Creator and Author of ALL

though let us also ponder more, for He is three in one, holding a living community, existing at all time, for all time, having always been… yet a giving god 

     not needing, nor wanting anything, neither lonely or looking for escape 

yet He gave life through creation, creating all that we know and all that we know not of

designing the intricate mechanics that we all take for granted, and some even believe they “just are”, with no credence nor any acknowledgment to He who did it

     so He made it not for pandering or vain glory

     but because He chose to, and even more because opHe made, then too He lived out who He is by Giving more!

He went on to make suns, and worlds, and heavens, and oceans, and mountains, and creatures both great and small…

yet He stopped not there, He went on to shape a small perfect place for yet another creation… Man

     and here too He revealed Himself again as a giving god … giving Man His very likeness, giving Man a purpose, and by giving Man unity with Him

     though Man would break that unity, disregard its purpose, and mar the image of its creator that was upon its own visage with disobedience and out right filth

     God still gave, and gave abundantly

Dolling out forgiveness, protection, long life, and still gave of His presence, walking among the people He had given so much to, and who would still deny Him further…

The Creator, did not toss it all away nor did He abandon It to its own devices

no, He remained just who He was/is and Gave More

promising salvation, limiting evil, sending guides and even kings… all given freely unto His creation, that it might be brought back into unity with Him once more

Giving Man, time, He gave Man more and more time, He gives Man more time even now… calling out to them, offering to Give Man more that Man could ever want…

     not simply forgiveness alone, not only the life abundant, not just peace and security, not stopping at providing Himself as guide and comforter, but giving even more than that…

Giving Man the chance to choose its eternity, one back in complete unity with Him, it’s creator, an eternity in the light of His Glory… or one were He is not, a pit of darkness and utter despair 

     He who gives so much to those who who forsake Him, yet giving He remains…

Giving His very self, giving up for a time His grandeur, taking up the likeness of Man, that He might then give up His life, so there might be made clear a way for Man to enter eternal life…

Giving motion to your bones, giving sunlight to your day, giving inspiration to innovation, giving the twinkle to the stars, and giving us His word that we might know Him…

at any point He could stop, at any point He has the authority, the right to end His giving

     yet He gives more abundantly than we know… lavishing His love upon all creation, revealing Himself in every turn of the globe, and in every sweet smile there ever was…
All praises to the Almighty, and thanks to a Giving God!


About truthslinger

I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.
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