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I am a husband, a father and a follower of God. I feel called to express my love for God through verse.


Light came, and went unnoticed… No, it was felt, but there were those who would not look upon it… Light came down, that all might share in its splendor, coming out of the dark, and finding rest under the Light’s … Continue reading

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let us start at the beginning friend let us acknowledge who God is… the Creator and Author of ALL though let us also ponder more, for He is three in one, holding a living community, existing at all time, for … Continue reading

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   Who is it that one can trust? But the one named Faithful & True!

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prayer.of.a.wonderer::Led by the Good Shepherd 

Father, reveal unto me Your will, Your desires, Your love though Your Light shines down Covering my path Showing the way Calling to attention what is Right & what is Wrong  i wonder… of into the night Remind me of … Continue reading

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what is it that calls us to be more, to be better than we are now? what is it that holds us back, that keeps us from advancing in truth? how long will we reach for something greater than ourselves, … Continue reading

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For He is risen, He is risen indeed … this is why we can set our hope upon our own resurrection  this is why we are assured in our faith to enter into His rest this is why we can … Continue reading

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Enrobed & Embattled

 Wrapped in the righteousness of God, Enfolded in His arms, and Lifted up upon His wings … we travel on … down the path set before us, called to growth, and empowered to growGiven what is not earned, Gifted with … Continue reading

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Be:labored and Maturing

Set with a task and with a purpose, rejoicing in what God has done for us and in us, rejoicing what God has accomplished in and through others… Willing to endure, strain and strife, suffering and persecution, willing to take … Continue reading

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Path unto Maturity

Staying spiritually fit, to meet what Christ has called us too…   Presenting everyone fully matured in Christ   Teaching in wisdom and power and faith, that He has established in us. Grounded by love, the love of the one … Continue reading

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