Excellence, that which pushes us toward our goal
the Endeavor bears its own fruit, and the Focus reveals our faults, yet

our God, then calls us upon greater Reliance

  moving us continually forward unto perfection

time and time again He burnishes us, burnishes 

  so that we may Reflect His Glory, outward

  into the World… 


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knowing truth, knowing what is real, knowing what is right

being familiar with the genuine, then, allows one to recognize that which is false

so then, you may ask: what is right, what is real, what is truth?

and i say to you: God, Yahweh, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit! 
yet you stand unbelieving, unconvinced of this fact

though you take for granted the very knowledge He has given you…

   you know things as true, as you would say you are real . . . you say that the sun will rise, and maybe one day die, but today is not that day . . . you propose to know and understand so much, that your experience in life has established a vast log of facts, compiled together to form truths you would bet your life on…

   yet i ask you, where has all that knowledge come from? where did the stuff you see / hear / taste / touch originate? and after all that, what has kept you breathing, and then also what has allowed those synapses to fire?

   you might say: i don’t know, this could all be illusion, i am not sure of anything…

   i would then say: then how can you be sure that it won’t all implode tomorrow? and if it might blow away on the wind, why not stop a moment and listen? not to me, not to some words in a book, but listen to God, The God, The Only God, The Creator of All!

   why not take a chance at being Sure, a chance at Reality, a chance at the possibility of Knowing truth? even if all you “know” and all you have experienced and all you have done and all of it . . . falls short of the truth, the reality of God . . . would it not be worth it to know, to be able to put down the poppies and see the castle for the dung heap it is? even if this would mean you have been walking down the wrong path for years . . . would it not be better to realize that, and be given the chance to turn around and change your direction, walking from lies into the light of truth?
so if you are willing to take up the chance at truly believing what you believe is really real … then Seek Him (for He is waiting), then ask questions (why, why, why is this true, where are the facts), find someone who can help guide you to the genuine (one who knows the source), Read His word and talk to him directly (He speaks, He hears, He listens)

Then you will have experienced the source of Truth, the author of Reality, He who is Righteous… growing ever more familiar with His presence, with what is right and true, with what it is you ate to do and not to do… ever greater in your discernment of what is false, what is hallow, what is pure verses what is defiling

for Blessed is the one who knows the Word of God, and who keeps it, storing it up in his heart, and allowing it to affect their walk in this world … Go now and Know Truth

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I must say, that I enjoy working, I enjoy doing, 

I find JOY in serving . . .

I must say, that I find a bit of my worth in being useful, that in the doing there is substance, I see movement,

I find PURPOSE . . .

I must say, that I can get caught up in my self, that I say “well done, good chap”, I am – it,

I become ENTANGLED . . .

I must say, that then the Joy is lost, that the purpose is hollow, I am lost,

I have saught SELF . . .

Yet, God does not forsake me, nor does He waste the work, nay,

He calls me to be Still . . .

For, He does have a purpose for me, He wants me to have Joy, to be,

At His feet LISTENING . . .

There, there will be Joy, there I will find my work, Kingdom work,

I will have given up “I” for The I AM . . .

He is Joy, and in Him, I find my greatest Joy, serving Him,

Life given for LIFE . . .

So then, my Joy is in the Lord, my work a blessing, peace in the knowing,

Now, to work on having LESS of self, and more of HIM

In ALL I do . . .


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First and Measureless

Sent and shown in Sacrifice

Found in Truth, never Hidden

Gentle and Strong as a mountain

Pure and with No guile

Jealous for what is His, and Passionate in His care

Patient and yet Active

Never failing, and ever Rejoicing

Surpassing all earthly Knowledge and yet there for you to Know
God’s LOVE is this

that He sent His word into the world through His prophets

   that people might know Him, and have a glimpse of His mind

     yet the world Killed them, and soon forgot His words

that He did mighty works in the world, in/through/with His people

   that they might see His power, and know the worth He sees in them

     yet the world saw only what they wanted, and thought His people strange

that He sent warning to the earth of its coming doom

   that those upon its face might turn to Him, that they might experience a His love

     yet still they do not hear, nor do they heed, and neither do they believe in their doom
  So then He came down into this world, lowering Himself to be as man, born of woman

     that He might live as a man, with man, and under both His own law as well as man’s law

        that He might both prove His righteousness, and that He might then be shown to be the only pure sacrifice

            yet man did not see, not even those set to watch for the signs, no the world did not recognize its King

He came, to fulfill the Law, to complete promises made, and to teach those who would follow after Him

   that He would make right what man made wrong, and so open the door to reconciliation 

     that He would bear the lash, the humiliation, the scorn of His own people, and that He would die in pain also, in mans place, to take on the Wrath laid aside for the fallen

       yet even then some would deny Him, and even more some would believe, and more so generations would be forgiven

this is His love, that in our place He took upon Himself all our darkness… and in His light washed us clean

   that we might know Him truly, and that He would give us Life

     that we might live under His love, in His love, and show His love to the unloved

       yet we cannot see His full love, nor can we feel it, unless we Seek Him who Loved us first, and find Him waiting right there beside us calling out our name
This is His love, that He loved us first, wholly and truly, that we might have the capacity to love Him back

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we who are, and those who have gone before, and even those who are yet to be

stand as Created beings … pulled from the dust, molded for a purpose, and given the semblance of the Creator
So on what do we rest our rights upon, So how can we claim that anything is ours, So where do we find our own worthiness… ?

But upon being created by God, who is all that is Good, and by knowing that we hold within us the very fingerprints of our creator… making us image bearers of God

To which then we have been gifted with rights, privileges, and responsibilities, that both can connect us to our creator as well as separate us from Him…
a right to choose, a choice given, a decision made not by faith… but through either the acknowledgement of who God is and then our relationship to Him, or the open rebellion we wage upon the Truths evident in us

the privilege to both commune with God, one on one, (having the ability to be a living temple) and to serve God through submission to a His will in this world (having the ability to be a living sacrifice)

the responsibility then to fulfill His commands: honoring only Him, living in peace with with all creation, treating all other men with the same respect to which you would give unto yourself
now, as created ones, ask: unto whom do you choose to give thanks too? unto whom do you choose to glorify? unto who do you look to, hour by hour, to care for you, to give you breath, to move the mountains in your life, unto whom do you give thanks for the rising of the sun… ?
So, we who are created, having a creator, seek Him who is above all, and find Him there waiting to great you, walk with you, and to call you Home into eternity…

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Religion & Politics :: truth.lies.hope.fear

Here are the most fiercely debated and held Truths: death & taxes …
Death, certain and ever closer, the acknowledgement of ones finite being held an inch from its end …

Taxes, the wages of our citizenship, freely or begrudgingly given, yet the acknowledgement of one’s need for something greater than themselves …
What writes and defines one’s beliefs, what brings the strife between one man and another, what but the simple issue of Pride … It is thus: one has Truth and the other is blinded by Lies … It is when one is ruled by Hope and the other lives in Fear …

Pride, the state of being proud in one’s self – in one’s own worth – in one’s own right to choose for one’s self … who then has pride? who then has the capacity to judge the views of another? … Man being caught up in one’s self, can only see Self … and knows it to be an unfathomable source of darkness, and then Man finds itself longing for Judgement … but from where

 one having Humility, Meekness, and Patience, is where you find truth, and with them you may find the One who can Judge …
Why does Man cling to religion? You could also then ask, why does Man seek truth?

Why does Man live in fear? You could also then ask, why does Man believe in lies?

It is the acknowledgement of one’s own finite being that draws Man to seek something beyond themselves ( for Man, knows Self, and finds no Hope there ) … Yet it is also in this compulsion that truth can be found, that Man is not finite, but an immortal being that bears the mark of the Devine. It is this compulsion that propels us with creativity toward knowledge and understanding … and who would know more than the created, but He who Created everything?

It is the acknowledgement of one’s own need of relief from this state of Self Loathing that draws Man to freely pay it all, to see the wages of one’s Pride before a Holy creator that brings us to repentance before the one Who has paid it all.

The wages of this life of defiance Paid in Full … yes by the very one to whom you owed, and could never even pay down a fraction of the principal … Yet, even thus, your life, hour by hour, is taken as sufficient taxation, because of the lavishness of God’s Grace …
The politics of it all is Man vs. God, and while Man is right that religiosity is misplaced, this by no measure gives him the right to disregard the merit of seeking to know Truth; then also who is Man to find fault in their Creator?

the Truth is, Man has laid upon a bed of lies so long that the comfort of our blindness against the brilliance of God’s radiant presence has lulled us to sleep, so even as our world crumbles around us, and seen through the gentle care we take to not see, turning these crumbs over and over into small precious facets of ourselves … while also defending, with rash vindictiveness, every subtle breach of our borders … guarding our every move with flashing teeth, all the while cleaving our tail between our knees, as we clang loud symbols as to not hear the Truth we have longed for, yet know will Cut us dearly … revealing the bed we have made, the ashes we cling too, the sabers rattle and yet have no real faith in their keenness …

Therefore the Hope we have is that there Is meaning to “it all”, that Man is not here for simply a “blink of an eye” but rests upon the Eternal … yet then the fear comes with this fact too, fear of what comes next, fear of knowing the evil that resides within the heart of Man, and knowing how we would judge such evil… But our Hope does not reside in only us, nor in our eternality… But it firmly Stands upon the permanence of God, He who Created, He who is Light, He who is Life, He who Judges Rightly … 

from where else would you seek knowledge?

to whom else would you give your life?

where else would you cast your lot?

under what governance would you rather fall?  

     under one that seeks to control and bind unto death eternal?

     under one that seeks to free and seal one with the reward of life?
For it is certain that this age will pass, and that your body will fail

For it is certain that your investments in this world will bear fruit, sweet or bitter

While I know many other certainties, it falls upon each of us make the choice between what we have experienced and what lays hidden beyond our understanding, whether we can believe in something beyond ourselves or if we can only rely upon our own flesh, this choice of faith and trust… nary a purer yet more conflicted choice there ever was… but to choose between Self and God

Yet, I say what could be more clear or important than this significantly simple event…

You must now choose:

Choose your single slice of existence and the knowledge you have been able to cobble together during your brief years on this plane, where you know you don’t know everything and where you can’t even trust your own memory… as real and the only thing you can believe in.


Choose to seek after the unknowable, that which is beyond us, truth at its core; to choose to give up upon what is in front of your face for what is unseen; to choose even the possibility of real peace, love, and justice; to make the decision that you are not god, but there is a God, and that He created your reality out of the want to know you; to choose to believe in a power that can forgive your vilest acts, and bring light to the darkest places in your heart
Both choices lead to death, and both lead to taxes… it is what dies, and to who you find yourself beholden too… that allows others to see what your choice has been

Make the easiest choice you will ever have before you, and leads to the hardest life you could live… but what is more fulfilling? the victory over a challenge, or the emptiness found in ease…

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First know this, the “Him” and the “His” refer directly to God, the creator of everything, which goes without saying that He is in control of all as well…

Then to those who don’t know Him… I understand your consternation, I empathize with your unbelief, and I truly lament your current state… How you deny truth, how you will grasp at anything for meaning but God, how you have made yourself deaf, dumb, and blind… yet know this, my God, the creator of the heavens, the creator of You, has been known to Heal, yes even to raise the dead back to life.
Thusly, We are Created beings, made by a perfect and Holy god, where there are no other gods, and where there has never been anything before creation except God.

As Man, we are set apart from creation, and called out with a purpose. As a created one, we are beholden then to the creator. Yet, in this age we find ourselves born broken, mired in our own wants and desires. We stand then, chosen to choose… to Choose God: His wants and desires for us; or to Choose Self: our own way and our own strength, apart from our creator… While the sky speaks of His grandeur, while the mountains reveal His steadfastness, while the vastness of space stands testament of His unmatched power; we often don’t look up and listen, we often look down at our feet, we often walk on under our own power… All these things, Gifts, we turn down; we even often choose to deny the truths laid bare before us, by clinging to anything that thinks away the facts before us, so we don’t have to think of Him… and what that means, how that transmits the reality we live in… that He Is GOD, and we are Not.
Rend therefore your deceitful heart, who’s depths of evil are only known by God…

Turn then from your own flesh, and look upon that of the Son upon the cross, that He might renew you, change you, empower you to Choose rightly…

Seek yee the truth, search His words, ask then your questions directly to Him, and find them answered, your eyes opened, your mouth loosed to praise, your ears unstopped to hear His voice.
If you need a reason more as to Why one must know God, other than “He is your Creator” … Then know and come to understand this … He doesn’t like what you have done to His creation, how you have denied His place in your life, and that He will right the scales … a day is coming where all illusions will fade away, where the full truth of all being of life will come rushing at you, a time is nigh where you will meet Face to Face with God; and here you will be weighed by your choices … 

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while the heart is deceitful, while it yearns for that which pleases its self

a Heart surrendered unto the Lord, when it is given over to the power, passions, and presence of God… worship is possible

     for cast out is our flesh, our wants, our own ambition, our Pride

What remains is Him, His peace, His love, His grace, His joy

     out of this streams pure Worship, your life given to and renewed by the Living God

It is not from ourselves, nor for ourselves that we “worship”, an Act of rebellion 

     nay, for that only emboldens the flesh, and furthers the deceit of the heart

From the Living waters, giving eternal life, Flows our ability to give Him praise, to give Him thanks, and to give Him honor… 

     so, while our heart lies an shadow and doubt, His light, when let in, vanquishes the dark, His love breaks down any doubt 

     Renewing our mind, empowering our soul, and healing our hearts
This is worship… To give ones self wholly and with out reservation to God!

   so then in All Things one may praise Him

   so then in All Things one may be thankful

   so then in All Things one may honor the One and True God

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The null-argument To the one who claims “there is no god” 

To the one who chooses not to believe because God seems “arbitrary” 

To all who can’t see where or how this “Loving God could do/allow X” 
I write not to discourage nor to bring shame, but rather to simply ask you to hear me out… to read, to listen, to digest, and then to respond

For I believe we are all blind to something, I believe we allow our own wants and wishes to color our understanding, and I believe that to truly dissect an argument one must look first to the “other side” 
So, now to that “other side”, one logical step to another…

To the claim that a god or gods do not / never did / can’t exist … Well the other side to that is most obvious: a god / or something beyond us does exist, and if so what then?

For if there was this supernatural being, who in someway was paramount to our very existence, would we not be in some way beholden to him / it / them?

Then, if we were, and we don’t know what or how we are beholden, then the question for us would be … “What does this being want from its creation?” … This would / should consume us, the thirst to know, the hope of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

So then if this was true… Would not this unimaginable being, this god with a mind beyond our own, know what its creation seeks? If so, would it not wish for its creation to know, to understand what it wanted / needed / wanted from or even for its own creation? 

If so, at what time and how would this being, vastly above us, reveal this knowledge to us … Its creation … Would it not have been logical for this revelation, this relationship between creator and creation have started from the beginning? … and then if so, even if rejected by us, by its created people, would that stop or halt the creator’s will for them to know?

So here we are now then, the created who know not the voice of our creator, yet are looking for meaning, for purpose, for wisdom, and for truth… For the manifold Why. Yet, we stand tall in our own understanding, blind to the positions of those around us, deaf to the voice of the creator, unseeing witnesses of the creators work in and around us… evidences are given, “yet this can not be” we cry, but why?

Yet, the claim there is no god is still held to, even if the arguments are examined for there being nary a thread of “intelligent design” upon the face of creation… then, well friends, one must admit that holes remain in our understanding, and even with what we do “know” … we still have an unquenchable thirst to know more … and why … If we examine ourselves truly, it’s because we want to know the why of it. The question then is “the why of it” … Why do All of us strive to know the reason we are here, alive, and able to ponder the existence of our very selves.

Well, I would say, that it was He who created us that put that desire in us all, and He who gave us this gift of life…
So then, If we were created, then there is a Creator, then it begs the question “why create” … “Why do we exist” … for what purpose might we have been made?

To answer that one must first come to know this deity, this supernatural being, this vast unimaginable force … one must first know the who of God.

The first mental roadblock one often finds is “if there is a god, then why won’t he/it/them reveal themselves to me/us?” … When pondering this in light of this argument, remember this, you are the created : not therefore on par with the creator. So then, if He does or doesn’t reveal himself, who are you to complain? For He would hold All Power and All Authority to do what He wilst … Yet, I would then comfort you also with the evident fact that He is also a God of Order, and therefore won’t be wondering around “willy-nilly”, smiting / blessing / sleeping / listening / yelling / tricking / casting about miracles … nay, He is orderly, patient, thoughtful, calculating, wise, and plainly infinitely above us in every way … Yet, again, I would then hold evidences to His communication skills with/to His creation. First I would present creation itself before you, and with it our thirst to know and understand it. Secondly I would propose that He was there at the beginning with Man, There as Man rejected Him, there dolling out Mercy as He walked among Man … even in their intolerance to His presence, there speaking and protecting Man from themselves, there sheltering those who would listen to His words and His chosen messengers, yes there as even these people chose to step away from Him, right there as He sought reconciliation with His people, and still there as the people He had set apart from all else killed Him / killed His Son, there in His Son’s resurrection for the very people that killed Him, standing tall in the heavens holding back His just and pure wrath so that a few more of His creation might freely choose to love Him … Yes, it’s all there in black and white, in over 100 languages, recorded and displayed in multiple media outlets, spoken in quite voices of His people to any who would but hear … So, has He told us who He is? YES, listen, has He even told us what he wants! YES, see!


Then, friends, you see the character of such a god … the character of the God, is such that quaint qualms as the “arbitrariness” of His rules and laws, or His “allowing” x/y terrible things to happen. For as shown and described above, if we are to state and live under the assumption that there is a Creator, then trust me friends you want it to be / and it can only be the God (the High and Holy being found in the pages of the Christian Bible). His authority flies in the face of the “arbitrariness” of His actions, as He who created, as He who sustains creation, and as He who gives life … He may choose to do whatever He likes, and the fact that He alone would have all power and all authority over His creation then would make it a moot point that it seemed to His lowly creation that His decisions were arbitrary … for you see it matters not if the one who holds sway over the whole of the universe tells you, a finite being, to wear x/y or to eat x/y, to do x/y or not do x/y … for friends He owns you.

Think on this, would you have the ruling being over the totality of the universe be/feel/act just like you … or would you have the one over your life and that of all mankind embody grace/peace/love/kindness/wisdom/justice? No I do not exclude His wrath, yet if the above is true of Him, would you not then have to trust that His wrath/decisions/laws are good/right and when He moves it is Not arbitrary, for one such as that would never “just do something, because”. So, search truly and deeply for truth, and find the one who was standing there all along waiting, in His mercy, for you to seek Him out.

Now to the root of all that you see as “evil” or what is wrong in/with the world … It is Pride, it is the belief that one is right above all others, it is the uplifting of self, it is placing one higher or at best alongside the Creator … Pride is what ushered mankind into our current fallen state, there in the beginning we chose (yes we chose, having been gifted with the right to choose, to choose God or to choose ourselves) to listen to enticing words that allowed the idea of self elevation into our minds, our choice to listen to something other than God’s voice and then our choice to entreat this idea, leading to an action of open rebellion. There in that rebellion, there in that choice, was seeded the woes you see today, as every Man / Woman / Child choose themselves over others and over their Creator. Yes, God could end it all, yes He cloud cleanse the world of oppression, murder, sickness, pain, destitution… but I ask you, are you ready for this cleansing? We have established that there is a god, we have established that this god would then hold all power and authority, we have established that this god as being the Creator God of the Christian Bible, we have established that He then is just and right in all He does, we have also established that He ha longs to have us know Him. What has been left unsaid is the consequences of our choice to rebel against He who Created us. Because of who He is, His word is Law, what He asks of us is very little when compared to what He has already done for us, and He alone deserves our praise/thanksgiving/honor. When He comes to cleanse He will come to balance the scales, to make right the unjustness of the world, to quell the rebellion upon His shores. Do you stand ready for His piercing stare, where all of your everything is laid bare before the Holy God, where your life is measured against His law and His purpose for you … There in that moment the only thing that can save you from God’s cleansing fire, is God – His forgiveness – His grace lavished upon your soul, covering you with His love … Then having been given new life, no longer living for self, but rather having cast off your pride you now live for Him who called you out of the world and into the light.
There IS a god

He is anything but Arbitrary

God loves you so much that He has worked through the ages to rescue you from yourself, and has held back His rightful judgement from the world … so you may exist, live long enough to know Him, and be blessed enough to go and bless others in His name … God is Love, yet we day by day choose to selfishly love ourselves, rejecting and suppressing Him, so we can have what we perceive as good … while He can look into eternity and see the ends to our means and therefore knows what is Good for us in the Now, and longs to give that to us, if only we would choose Him over ourselves ….
Think on this, ponder it, truly open your mind… Ask yourself “self, if there was a god, if there was something out there… would it want me to know it, and if it did, how would it reveal itself without completely blowing my mind… and if it made it possible for me to exist, would it not be prudent for me to know why it made a place in the universe for me… self, if this is even slightly possible, don’t you think I should try hard to find out?”
God is not “out there”, no He is right there, just over your shoulder, waiting for you to look for Him, if you keep looking, one day you will turn around from your path of self destruction, and find Him there ready to carry you into new life, upon the path of everlasting life.

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Seeking Jesus, Himself:
Seeking Him, not for Gain, nor for Comfort or for Knowledge…
but for Who    He     Is,
Believing in what He said, trusting every word, having faith in who Hi is…
Acknowledging His Deity and His Authority upon your life!
Seeking Him fully, despite yourself, seeking what He has for your life… and Giving Thanks for ALL of what He calls for You to Endure

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